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2022 Picnic Day Fashion Show

Presented by Fashion and Design Society


April 23, 2022


Morning Show
at 11:00AM

Afternoon Show
at 1:00PM


Cruess Hall
Maker Space Courtyard

Thank you for a great 2022 Picnic Day Fashion Show!

Watch Prism Check Out the Fashion Show Photos Meet the Designers Featured of the Show

2022 Design Exhibition

A collection of work and process documents of UC Davis Design Students


April 23, 2022


Cruess Hall Maker Space

Exhibition Hours

For fashion show ticket holders
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Open for all
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Join us during the 2022 UC Davis Picnic Day!

FADS is a student-run organization that supports the talented fashion design students of UC Davis. We are so excited to be back in person this year with PRISM to showcase collections created by students of DES 179 “Signature Collection” class.

Fashion Show FAQs

Why are there 2 links to buy tickets?

There are two links for ticket purchasing, seperate for the morning and afternoon show. Make sure you visit and purchase from the right one for the show you would like to attend.

What do I bring to show I have a ticket?

We will scan the mobile ticket you recieve through the email you purchased it with.

Where do I check-in for the show with tickets?

There will be a check-in stand at enterance to the Cruess Hall Maker Space. If you ordered mutiple tickets at the same time, only one person from the group will have to show the tickets on their mobile device. If you hold tickets for more than one person, the whole party must be present at time of check-in.

May I transfer fashion show tickets?

Yes, mobile tickets are sent through email. You may transfer your mobile tickets to another person via email.

How do complimentary tickets work?

If you hold a complimentary ticket, you should have received your ticket through the person who reserved the ticket for you. You do not have to make any purchases. When you check in, you will be asked to show that ticket as well as the name of the person who reserved your ticket. There will be a section of seats blocked for anyone with a complimentary ticket. Complimentary tickets are only valid for one show, either morning or afternoon, not both.

Will there be a coat check?

The fashion show will not have a coat check, however, you may place items under your seat during the show. FADS is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

Is there parking for the fashion show?

Although we have 2 showtimes, the afternoon show is always the busier one. If you plan on driving to the event, plan ahead for parking as spaces may be limited in parking lots near Cruess Hall. Check picnic day parking guide here.