2024 fashion show design catalog events participate about fads gallery


Catalog cover by Luz wearing blue, brown, green, and yellow blouse posing with hand on cheek and sitting down. Catalog spread 1: Design 77: Intro to Structural Design for Fashion. Catalog spread 2 by Tenzin Youeden wearing black coverup with a strip in the middle of chest, black slacks, and white and black sneakers. They are posing sitting down, standing up, and with a hand raised. Catalog spread 3 by Emily Sobolik wearing black and brown coverup, black tanktop, and blue jeans posing with hands behind their head and a hand in their pocket in front of trees. Catalog spread 4 by Deirdre Spillane Jimenez wearing blue, brown, green, and yellow blouse and beige cargo pants. They are sitting with an ornate fountain and posing behind a large flowering plant. Catalog spread 5: Design 160: Textile Surface Design: Patterns and Resists. Catalog spread 6 by Ingrid Yeung showing dark and light green as well as pink textiles draped on an arm and help up by a hand. Catalog spread 7: Personal Projects. Catalog spread 8 by Ingrid Yeung showing a white blouse and skirt with black circular cutouts like yin and yang. Catalog spread 9 by Nick Fish showing a beige blouse and gray thick flared pants in upbeat poses and one leg kicked in the air. Catalog spread 10 by Isadora Goldschneider posing with an embezzled bustier and poofy ruffle skirt, both gray. They are wearing black tights and posed in front of a tall green plant. Catalog awknoledgements: Our Seniors: Tenzin Youeden, Isadora Goldschneider, and Ingrid Yeung.