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about fads

what is FADS?

We are a fashion design club at UC Davis. We work together as a team to put on events, like the annual picnic day fashion show.

what do we do?

We aim to find opportunities for those who are interested in the fashion industry, and build a community of people who are interested in fashion & want to learn more.

when and where do we meet?

We meet at Cruess 220 on Tuesdays 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM; for a more up-to-date schedule, check our events page.

how can I get involved?

If you are a student interested in fashion design, come hang out at our meetings! Each year we also look for designers to help provide the pieces for our fashion show, models to walk the runway, and volunteers to help promote the show or set up backstage. This year, FADS also will be debuting a fashion catalogue! If you are interested in participate, check our participate page
You can receive weekly updates by signing up for our newsletter or following us on facebook and instagram. And as always, come to our events!

board members

2022-2023 board group picture
Julia Dang
- Executive Director -
Hello! My name is Julia Dang and I am a 3rd year double majoring Design and English. I love fashion, art, photography, and traveling. I am honored to be serving you as president, and am here for anything and everything, so feel free to hit me up. (:
Ahtziry Vazquez
- Treasurer -
Hi! I am a 4th year Design major with an emphasis in Fashion. I enjoy drawing, painting, and sewing! My goal is to work with fashion and textiles after I graduate."
Irena Song
- Chief of Internal Affairs -
Hi! I’m a 3rd year Design major with an emphasis in fashion and Psychology minor. I enjoy writing poetry, thrifting, sewing, and going to cafes/bakeries to satisfy my sweet tooth :)
Fiona Yu
- Event Coordinator -
Hi! I'm a 1st year undeclared major with an emphasis about fashion. Building leadership and presenting great events for the thing I love are my goals, and I willing to explore more in the FADS!
María Galvan-Orozco
- Graphic Designer -
Holis! I'm a 3rd year Design and Art studio major. Currently I have an emphasis in fashion and painting but I hope I can pursue a career as a freelance artist or work in the animation department after graduation.
Kim Le
- Web Designer -
Hey I’m Kim and I’m a 2nd year Design major with an emphasis in graphic design. I love taking photos, messing around on photoshop, and paying way too much for matcha lattes :,)
Allie Bennett
- Videographer -
I’m Allie Bennett and I am a 3rd year Sustainable Environmental Design major. I am hoping to take that degree into some sort of outdoor space or park design. I love the national parks and getting outside in nature. I also play ultimate frisbee and run in my free time!